Monday, April 1, 2013

Less haste......

So, I have had a few days, you'd think I would have been very productive. Not a bit of it!! I really have tried to spend time in the studio, and then I look at the housework, which I have to say I have neglected badly, and my guilt complex kicks in, so, this morning, I vacuumed and washed floors. I must say that they do look all the better for it, so maybe it was a good thing.

I did spend a bit of time working on a piece which I have decided will be the Deacon's gift. I dyed a piece of silk which came out in the most gorgeous colours and I was so excited to see the end result, I couldn't wait to start working on it, a design popped into my head, and I was off, using silk organza and Dupioni silks. The base design was working well when impatience kicked in, which was not a good idea. Oh dear, it taught me a huge lesson, do NOT go gung ho into a piece without thinking carefully and making sure that you have laid down a base of stabilizer which covers the entire back of the piece rather than leaving a huge gap in the middle!!

I took off most of the backing and redid it with fresh stabilizer. I had problems with the organza getting stuck under the walking foot in places and then also thought the piece wasn't big enough so added extra fabric, which doesn't match particularly, and it has now been put onto backing and batting and put on the design wall with the hope that inspiration will hit and I will find a way to resolve it into a  finished piece.

I think it will work out, and I'm sure it will be much appreciated, but for the moment, it can sit on the wall and I can see it looking accusingly at me every time I walk in the room. Oh well, I have a lovely piece of dyed silk organza which might work........

I will post a photo as soon as I can pluck up the courage.

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