Monday, April 15, 2013


What a busy time!! I decided that I would take some time off from the Quilt Festival, and go to the International Quilt Festival in Cincinnati.

I went last year with husband in tow, who was terrified by the number of women in one place!! He thought there couldn't be a woman left in the world as they were all at the Festival!! This year, I went alone,  but was meeting up with Laura Strating- Janssens who had come over in 2011, as a teacher with the Quilts of the Netherlands. We have kept in touch and so it was that I became her roommate for the duration of the Festival.

We arrived on the Thursday afternoon, Laura from Columbus, and me, after a rotten journey, from Ontario. I checked in and then went to the show, not that I had much time but had a quick preview.

Laura was leading a small group from the Netherlands on a quilting tour for the week, so we met up in the evening for dinner and it was lovely!! We went to a Brazilian restaurant, where the meat just kept coming, Beef, Lamb, Pork, Ribs, Chicken, it was all there and the waiters just kept bringing it up until you said stop!! After that, it was back to the Hotel and a quick meeting to make arrangements for the following day, most of us were taking classes at the Festival, so it was an early wake up call and Breakfast at 7!

The next morning, we met in the Dining Room of the Hilton Netherlands Plaza. It is a really beautiful spot, if you love Art Deco, then this is the place for you. We used to collect Art Deco ceramics so it was like being in heaven for me

I lay on the floor to take this shot. Luckily, the main restaurant was empty, and the Maitre'D just laughed. But, the paintings were beautiful.

My apologies if this isn't your thing, but I loved it. I also apologize for the sideways shot of some lovely metal work. Who nows why it would do that when I had rotated it? Anyway, I had a wonderful time swanning around pretending I was a flapper!!

Breakfast was delicious and we were well fed before going to the Festival and our respective classes!

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