Thursday, April 18, 2013

Resolving a dilemma

Well, thought all was going well until I came down with a dreadful cold! I thought things would go well this week but I feel terrible. Oh well, never mind, I do actually get to spend time in my studio.

I have been busy working on the piece I have mentioned more than once and actually came up with an idea as to how I was going to resolve the problem of having this tree and an odd piece of fabric and all the other things that are wrong with the quilt. I had ice dyed two pieces of silk organza, and, decided that by randomly cutting up strips, they would look like leaves and that might work.

It turns out it was nothing short of a brilliant idea, and I am pleased with the result!

The first picture shows the piece with the leaves added and it really has got around the problem I was having with it. It has given so much more depth to it, and I will quilt around the outline of the tree so that it will pop a little more.

The closer view.

The problems I have had with this piece have been many and I still have a way to go yet. I will put in tree outlines in the background and also outline some of those already there, but I can at least see the wood for the trees now!

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