Monday, April 15, 2013

The joy of Creating

I decided to take two classes at the Quilt Festival. The first one I took on the Friday, was an all day clas with Cindy Walter, a Fabric painting Masterclass.

Arrived early for my class and most of the students were already there, as was the teacher. Cindy is from Hawaii, and a really lovely teacher. She explained what we were going to be doing and showed us the paints, provided us with brushes, silk scarves, paints, if we wanted to buy them etc, etc,. How do they travel all that distance with all this stuff? I don't know but they seem to manage it pretty well.

I had a wonderful day painting fabric and creating Art. To often, we don't get the opportunity.

My watercolour piece

Cindy showing some of her hand painted Miniature quilts

My hand painted Art piece. Laura saw it in the evening, and said she would be very happy to receive it in a card! So guess where this is going! I only used the three primary colours to  paint this.

Cindy showing one of her beautiful hand painted quilts

We painted fabric and salted it, this is the result of my piece, which I really like.

I dye fabric and I also paint it, so what made this different? Just learning a new technique and enjoying the process, frankly, I don't think it matters if you repeat some processes, it gels in your head and makes sense. I learnt the difference between using fluid paints and those which are stiffer, that they can be watered down, or used straight from the pot.

We had a two hour lunch break, which allowed me to look around the Vendors mall. I have to say that I didn't buy much fabric!! I bought some white cotton sateen, and Aurifil threads, which I love. Trouble is, I can never remember what colours I need, I think I will have to just buy one of everything, which will double up on a lot but it will look yummy!!

The afternoon was taken up with more painting and then looking at the work we had produced.

It was back to the Hotel and then out for Dinner. We had to go to an Apple Store as Laura's husband wanted an iPad, and it is cheaper to buy here, than in the Netherlands. The Mall wasn't too far from Downtown, and the stores would have been great to wander if we had had time!! However, we had booked a table at the Cheesecake Factory, one of my favourite places to eat, sadly no room for cheesecake!

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