Monday, November 21, 2016

I really must get on with it.........

Yes, I really must get on with it. Not that there is much to get on with.

I have got items ready for the book sale, and I dragged a piece out that has sat in the studio for almost two years now, and made great headway with it yesterday. It seemed rather odd to pick up from where I left off, and even managed to mix paint that resembles the original colours which was rather pleasing.

The piece is of two cormorants sitting on a branch in a lake, I had done one, and started painting the branch, but not the other cormorant. Thankfully, that has now changed, and I painted him and the rest of the branches.

I sometimes surprise myself as it was lying lat on the table and it wasn't until this morning that I hung it up and stood back and really looked at it.  As I say, I surprise myself. No photos yet, so sorry, I still have a lot to do, but feel good about where this is going.

I also cleared the decks this weekend, as I am doing an online class with Dionne Swift on silk screen printing using thickened dyes. As you know, I ice dye like a fiend, but had never used it any other way. I have to say I really enjoyed myself, and here are two of my efforts from today, with a lot more to do, leaving them to dry so I can over print.

I drew the rose stencil myself, and was rather pleased with it, using an old duvet cover as the under sheet which is why you can see another pattern under it.

I'm looking forward to seeing where this is going to go, but enjoying the process.

Had the first fall of snow yesterday, just a skiff, but winter is here. The cats are both unhappy. Leo, as it is too cold to go far, and Patch can't make head nor tail of it all. He didn't go out last year, as he wasn't well enough, and this year ....well, we will see. I took him out, but we don't go too far and head straight for home.

Got to go, but will write again when I have something earthy shattering to say.....