Thursday, April 25, 2013

Getting better

The cold hasn't got much better, it's the rattle in my chest which drives me mad, but hopefully it won't go on much longer.

A busy day tomorrow, have to go shopping for Quilt Festival things, and then I will be seeing the children again at the London Hebrew Community Day School, something I am really looking forward to, as I loved working with them, they were so bright and lively, I thought they would like to see the end results of the quilts they made. I am so proud of them and would love to work with them, who knows what will happen in the future?

Not much time in the studio today, but, I did have a good time going though boxes of fabric and making up scrap bags for the local guild Garage sale. They have their show at the end of next month, and have a garage sale, so, I have been collecting things together for a while that I know I wouldn't be using and it will go!! There was so much fabric that it has been quite cathartic getting rid of it.

I must try and get it all put away before the weekend though, my friends daughter asked if she could come for a sleepover on Saturday, ( I love it when my 11 year old friend wants to come and hang out with me!), she has been doing Art at school and they have been doing Impressionism and Pointillism, so she wants to have a go, but I have no canvases, so I said I would get some and then she can come and play with paint! If she sees I've got rid of around 20 bags of fabric, she will not be happy!!!!! She will want to take it home and it will just languish in a corner.

Well, must go now and get myself ready for tomorrow. I can't wait to see their reaction, and then I can put the labels on the back of the quilts!!!

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