Friday, March 29, 2013

If it's Friday it must be...

Time flies when your having fun doesn't it? I have been busy with Quilt Festival, and am getting very excited! We have almost all the images of the Israeli quilts, and they are, apparently, amazing. I am so looking forward to seeing them in the flesh, and then the gruelling task of working out the hanging. I am helping on that , but next year, may well take that side on too.

Not had much of a chance to be in the Studio, so every moment I am is precious. I really should be working now instead of writing, but thought you might all forget me! I have had the opportunity of working with the children at the London Hebrew School. What an amazing experience that has been. I always make the thank you gift for the visiting Guild President at the Festival, but thought this year I would see if I could get the children involved. I came up with a design, they came up with the designs for their blocks, and here is the result!

I free motioned the centre block of the Chapel in Ailsa Craig, and the children did the surrounding blocks. the sashing is ice dyed silk. I free motion stitched around the designs and added a little extra where I thought it needed it, the hardest block was the snowflake! We were able to make two which was just a joy.

Same centre, but different blocks although there are a couple of repeats.  The sashings on this one are painted with Colour Vie paints. They were a joy to work with, and plans are afoot for the children to do the presentation.

As far as my own work goes? Well I have finished my piece for the Horizons Exhibit at the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham, UK, for August, I just have to make my sample piece now so that it can be handled by visitors to the show. It's the first time, I have entered a show abroad, unless you count the US, but I am looking forward to hopefully, seeing it in August.

Well, I must go and work on a new design now. we have someone at Church who will be ordained as a  Deacon in November, and I need to make a gift for him.

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