Saturday, June 1, 2013

Aaah! time to breathe........

Life runs away doesn't it? I try hard to keep up with this, but then "life" takes over. I have just finished the latest Ailsa Craig Community  Quilt Festival which featured the Quilts of Israel this year. The show was wonderful, our quilters amazing and threw themselves into the week with gusto, and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

But, now its over, and I have to get back to normal. I have had a gentle week sorting out my studio and trying to get a bit of work done for the Art Emporium in Port Stanley. I have the distinction of being one of the featured artists for the month of June. Sadly, I haven't had much of a chance to get any work done, so had to take what little I had. I posted photo of the piece way back in January, but it was met with lots of oohs, so that is good!!

After I got home from Port Stanley today, I dropped the work in, I thought I would start dyeing some fabric. I bought some acid dyes the other day, and I haven't acid dyed before, so thought I should give it a go. I LOVE ice dyeing, and will do some more tomorrow, but I'm rapidly running out of fabric, so must order a new bolt of PFD. I do have lots of silk organza though, so thought it might be fun to try  another method. By the time I thought about getting started , it was too late,  and the husband was wanting supper,so have decided to start tomorrow and will post photos of the results.

I am looking forward to the summer and having time to myself, although I will be going to England in August to the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham. We will be showing the Quilts of Great Britain next May, so the process will, very soon, start all over again...........and there will be no time to breathe.


  1. Do share the results of your dyeing when their done. Where are you based? And how did you get there from London.

    1. I will post as soon as I can! I am in Ontario Canada, a small town called Arkona some two and a half to three hours from Toronto. My profile gives the story. I love it here, and it has been a positive move from a creative point of view. I have made some great friends who encourage and support my work which I am grateful for!