Thursday, June 6, 2013

What fun I'm having!!

I have had a lovely week playing in my studio!

It is always a joy to be creative and this week has proved no exception. I have resolved one piece of work and will start quilting it tomorrow. I have been able to shut the doors on the world. I spend a lot of time in my studio just breathing deeply, not because it smells good, it's where my creative muse is and she just exudes a fragrance all of her own.  We were a little wary of each other last week, but I'm glad to say that we seem happy to keep each company and rub along together pretty well.

As I said, I will be quilting one piece tomorrow, which I am really happy with now. I did a lot of appliqué on it and have the batting and backing on it. I cut the batting slightly smaller than the top, and turned the backing fabric inwards so there will be no border. I love the uneven edges and dangly bits, I sometimes feel that by binding, my work feels hemmed in and I want it to be free!

It almost hangs straight too, which I am happy about.

I had done some acid dyeing at the weekend, as I explained in the previous post, and decided to work on a piece today. I posted it on Facebook as my "aah" moment.

I was working on it one way and found it worked so much better upside down!! I am much happier with it and will quilt it tomorrow. 

It's amazing what looking at a piece of work upside down will do for you! It is lovely though.

I have three whole days in my studio before I start with meetings again next week. One on Monday afternoon and a Board meeting on Tuesday evening, so no rest for the wicked!!

I do hope the muse will keep the studio tidy for me when I am not there, and I hope she keeps throwing out ideas,it vibrates with creativity every time I walk through the door, and I intend to spend as much time as I can in it between now and September although there is the small trip to the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham coming up in August. 

Hopefully the dust won't pile up too much in the rest of the house!

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