Friday, July 7, 2017

Where did he go.....?

Well, sad news I'm afraid.

My lovely Leo has disappeared. I took a workshop at the end of May, and the husband was doing his job of looking after my lovely babies, fed them both one evening, and Leo went out and just never came home.

We are both upset that this happened, and would love to find him but have no clue where he has gone. I am lost and Patch is even more lost.

It's been almost eight weeks now, and Patch has almost got used to being the only one, but I think he really misses Leo badly, he was certainly very lost, and I did wonder if he blamed himself for Leo's disappearance as Patch would ambush him every time he walked through the door, but I think it was done for fun, there was never any malice attached to it, they would chase each other around the house

So in his memory and with much love, I post photos of a much loved and missed member of our family. I hope wherever he is he is safe. Rest in peace my beautiful boy xxxxxxx


  1. What a terrible loss and haunting when you have no idea what happened to them. My beautiful Mia ran away the day we moved in to our new apartment.I did everything possible to find her....but no answer. I still cant handle the idea of a different kitty and this was April of last year. My heart goes out to you !!!

    1. Thank you. It is so hard and takes time to get over. I hope you will in time be able to have another. I hesitate to say replace as they are all individual characters and can't be replaced.