Friday, July 7, 2017

A continuation........

I posted the last piece and then read back over a previous post, and saw I had written about the cormorants. I didn't post a photo, so here it is, I hope you like it. I'm finding my work is getting quite spare in quilting and decoration.

Anyway, back to Noo Yawk... We got up very early the next morning, as we were going into the city to do a couple of Galleries, and then on to a show in the afternoon, and starting the drive home in the evening.

We went back to Ossining to get the train into the city, and bought the tickets on credit card. All well and good until it asks for your zip code. There were two people standing there but neither spoke English so the Pooh Bah googled it and bobs your uncle, up it came. Can anyone explain how a Canadian credit card is accepted with a US zip code? No, I didn't think so.

Well we got the train and had a lovely ride into the city, right next to the Hudson River all the way, until we hit the outskirts. We had a really good breakfast at Grand Central Station, and then took a cab to the Neue Gallery. I wanted to show the Pooh Bah the "Lady in Gold", the portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer by Gustav Klimt. it is the most extraordinary painting in its technique, execution and subject. I saw it for the first time in March and was glad to go back and see it again. It is breathtaking, and I loved it. Just to be in the same room and to study it is wonderful, as are the other paintings, a couple unfinished, but thats what makes them extraordinary as you can study the technique and the way he layered things.

We then walked a short distance to the Guggenheim and had a wonderful time there too. I was able to purchase the book I wanted that I didn't get in March when I was there with the husband - don't ask, its difficult travelling with him - so I was happy, and then it was down to 7th  St for the theatre.

The Guggenheim and its galleries

We get there in time to have lunch and then potter across the street to the box office to get our tickets.....only the Grand Pooh Bah has managed to purchase tickets for the following weekend...... We sorted that out and had a jolly time at Stomp, and then headed back to the station for the train to Ossining.

By 8pm we had arrived in Binghamton which was about an hour and a half from Corning and our plan was to do the glass museum the following day. Our hotel was good and we had a wonderful meal and slept well.

We have breakfast and then head off to Corning. The drive was lovely, and we got there nice and early, The museum is really good and we had a great time, lunch and then the Pooh Bah says we should head back to the border. We have been there for over three hours, looked at a lot of glass, watched demonstrations , and seen so much, shopped until we dropped, had a good lunch, but it wasn't until we walked out, that I realized I had had my sunglasses on the entire time!!! The Pooh Bah hadn't noticed.  She said that people would think I was in a witness protection programme, I said they would think I was mysterious.That would have made a great tale for a trunk show..........

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