Wednesday, October 26, 2016

So, where do I go from here...........?

I was looking through past posts and saw that I had one that I started on the process of my work.

It still sits there looking accusingly at me, as I got diverted. I always think of my work like my writing, I start on one thing and then go off at a tangent, but sometimes that isn't a bad thing, it adds to the variety.

I am making a real effort to enter different things, such as the Stretching Art challenge and have struggled for weeks to come up with an idea. The theme is Dream, and I know the standard will be high, but I couldn't think of anything, maybe something Shakespearean? Couldn't see it in my head at all, don't need a dream car, dream house................there had to be something.

Ideas really do come from the strangest of places.

A surprise dinner was held a couple of weeks ago for a really good friend, as she was teaching locally for a couple of days. Someone asked what her work method was, did she start at a certain time etc. Maggie gave us a rough outline as to what she does, computer stuff, looks for calls for entry, and other things, and then she works. I mentioned that I had this challenge but was absolutely blank, and it was just a remark that sparked my idea, and sent me into my studio and to work.

You will not see a photo of it until it is in the show, I think I need to keep it under wraps for now, but I am really pleased with it, and almost finished! I thought it had to be finished by December, but that would be a month early, so I can breath. I have the binding on ready to stitch, not bad for two weeks work!

The remark? Oh yes, Maggie said just look at a piece of fabric and just a small area, doesn't matter how small, but let it guide you. She is a huge inspiration to me, and I love taking workshops with her, her energy, encouragement and ideas push me to think differently.

As well as doing that, I am going to be working on a piece which really does have to be in by the beginning of December, so I had better start that very soon, but I have the idea in my head.

Do you keep a sketch book? I know I should, but I see things so much better in my head, that I rarely put things on paper.

I have also been asked to display a piece of work at a book fair, there will be a potter, artist and other things, but I am honoured to be asked. I can have a table to sell things too.......... so, I had an "aha" moment and thought I would make some fabric postcards and I could perhaps make 50 in a couple of weeks, 5 a day didn't seem too difficult....I made 11 in three weeks. But I have been slowly working away and think I have almost 40 pieces made, they are small, postcards, pictures small wall hangings, but I must get round to putting hanging pockets on etc.

postcards which take a lot longer than one hour to make!!!

I have a friend who salivates over this small piece, I hope everyone else will too.

I'm having fun which is good, and enjoying having something to work for, I found another piece of fabric today which I will be working on to make cards, they take a while, but again it's fun.

So what else is on the horizon? Lots actually, but all for Festival so I am making the most of having this down time. I also have to finish a piece which I should have done for the My Corner of the World show which was held in May this year at the Stratford Perth Museum. It was a beautiful show, and I was sorry not to have been better prepared. I really should think about making to the minimum size of pieces rather than big.

Well, I must go, I have a lot still to do...........

This is the piece I started for My corner of the World, I have changed the bottom of it, but still a long way to go, I keep screwing it up and putting it in an obscure corner.

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