Sunday, October 16, 2016

I'm back..............

It was brought to my attention the other evening, that I hadn't written anything for a while, and when was I going to start again? They enjoy my writing, so I hope you enjoy reading.

To be honest, after writing about the cats, I didn't think I had anything left to say, but it appears that I must. It's been a very busy year. Patch the cat has settled into a more indoor life, although I now take him out on a leash so that he gets some fresh air. His harness is great, a little body harness that velcro's under his neck and under his tummy. He was a bit surprised when I first took it off as the sound of ripping velcro close to your ears must be a bit of a shock, but now he is as good as gold with it, lets me put it on and then sits patiently by the back door while I make my morning cuppa, and then we go out ..........and sit. You have to be prepared to stand around a lot, and be taken to places that you don't want to go to, but all in all, it is good for him to get some fresh air than be housebound all the time. The trouble is, that with his permanently tilted head, he sees the world from a different perspective, and while in the house runs around and flies down the stairs at a terrifying pace, once outside however, I think he thinks its normal as he took off one day, yanking the leash from my grasp and ran full tilt up into a tree with me in hot pursuit. Once he clambered up to the lowest branch he almost did a complete 180 turn and fell off into my arms! I carried him home and he spent the rest of the day in his bed. I think it really affected his balance and he realized that things weren't quite right.

In January this year, the husband decided that I obviously wasn't paying enough attention to him, so he fell and broke his hip. Trust me, it gets you attention.

I was out of the house at the time, buying a new phone. The transaction finished and off I went to do some shopping. All of a sudden my new phone rang!! If you knew how rare an occurrence that is, you would understand my excitement. I answered it to hear, " Iv'e had a fall and think I've broken my hip. I'm waiting for the ambulance."

I dropped everything, and rushed home. I managed to contact a friend who came to the house, and by the time I rushed through the door, like a good wife, the paramedics were lifting him onto the stretcher. So there was this convoy, me chasing the ambulance.

Got into Emerg, and then waited while he had blood work and X-rays. Yep, it was broken alright, so then he was admitted, possibly might be operated on that night or the following day. As it turned out it was the following evening as he was bumped by FOUR little old ladies who had done the same thing!

There then followed week in hospital, with me preparing the house for his return. I won't bore you with all the details, but I had no idea how difficult life could be with an invalid. Physio twice a week, and forcing him to get up and get moving, helping him sit in chairs, (our neighbour was so good as his wife's grandmother had recently passed, and they were the proud owners of a Lazy Boy chair which goes up and down.) Eventually we progressed from the walker to the cane, went through a myriad of hospital and doctor appointments and we are now able to walk without a cane although with a slight limp.

This really couldn't have happened at a worse time, as I was in the process of organizing a quilt show for some friends in Israel which was going to be opening at the end of March. Oh well, I guess it would all work out. The most exciting thing was that one of the quilters from Israel was coming to the Gala opening!

The quilts were going to be on display at the Jewish Community Centre, and duly arrived. They were hung a couple of weeks later, and the display was stunning. It took everyones breath away, and we all looked forward to the gala which was taking place on the following Monday.

I made the invitations and also used the same design as a thank you note to send back to the quilters in Israel.

The press had been out and ran an article on the front page of the entertainment section, and I arrived early on the Monday morning, eagerly awaiting visitors......... 

It was a quiet day, and there was a lot of preparation for the evening. The doors opened, and the hall suddenly filled, so much so, that we had to put out more chairs. I should mention that the show was based on  the Song of Songs, one of the five Books of Wisdom, and the 31 quilts were all based on a verse which had been chosen by the quilter, and even though some had chosen the same verse, they were all very different quilts. The evening was also going to be part lecture on the Song of Songs, looking at who wrote it, the art over the centuries bas on it, and the quilters interpretation. You could have heard a pin drop.

The show was a great success, and was on for almost four weeks. Overtime I went in, which was generally two or three times a week, the hall was busy, and we think close to 600 people probably came out to see it. Lots of church groups, which was wonderful, quilters and non quilters, and those that just appreciated art.

So, now on to planning the next one in 2018.

The Ailsa Craig Quilt Festival took place in May as usual and what a wonderful time that was! Latvia was the country this year and it was a wonderful week. We were all sobbing at the end of it!

I'm going to stop the mini saga here, as I've a lot more to say but have to feed the husband. He gets bear like if I don't...................

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