Wednesday, July 22, 2015

How does she do it.....?

I have just started a new piece, when it struck me that I never actually write about how I do it, and the process of working. Thought this might be a good time to start.

To me, it just happens and I never really give it much thought, if people ask how I did something, I have to think hard, as I really couldn't tell you, I just do it. I posted a photo of this piece of ice dyed fabric the other day. I love it a lot the colours just sang, even the husband was moved to open a window and yell out, "gorgeous colours!!"

I reclaimed a pillowcase that was no longer in use, but has a bit of a sateen feel to it, cut it up into two pieces and threw it into the pot after having soaked it in soda ash solution, covered with ice and sprinkled with dye. Hey Presto!! I cut one piece up to make a border as it hadn't dyed the same way as the other piece. So, a few days were spent thinking "now I've done that, what do I do next?" 

The thing is, its what the fabric told me to do, I even managed to keep a little back to use for binding - if I decide to go that way. Frankly, I feel hemmed (pardon the pun), in with binding, and like the work to flow over the edges so we will see.

The husband has been good enough to print off several acetates for me of my trip. So far, I have done a couple of pieces on Jaffa, but have to return as I found another one the other day I'd like to do, and I am starting on Jerusalem. Probably years of work there, I've done two pieces, and this would be the third.

This is the image I decided to work on.

As it looks on the acetate, the flare on the left is the reflection of the bulb. The colours always come out slightly differently, and it can be easier to see colours and shapes.

I started working on the border, my original plan was to do the right hand side showing the buildings and arched top on the border only and do something different in the middle, (what was a complete mystery to me,) but I'm sure something would come along.......

I painted the top border and then had this crazy idea, which I actually think works really nicely.

If you look at the image, you will see what this is, and I rather like the slightly quirky futuristic look of it. I had almost totally painted the last piece I did and wanted to move away from that so now the fun starts! I have laid down a couple of pieces onto the main body after having sketched the area I wanted free hand to make it larger.

So, this is it so far. I will try and remember to take more photos as I go along, but this is also a good exercise for me as I'm really having to think rather than just do it and say "...and I made this piece...."

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