Friday, November 9, 2012

Rock pools by Cynthia McNair · 365 Project

Rock pools by Cynthia McNair · 365 Project

This has been a very small and quick project.

 Have you ever noticed that fabric speaks to you? Sometimes it just yells at me and I have to do something with it. I have a gorgeous hand dyed piece hanging in the studio which screamed so I have started work on it, it is such a vibrant piece and I am using sheer fabrics on top so that the colours still shine through.

This small piece of silk shouted and it hasn't taken me too long to put it together. I was thinking I might add some beading to it though to make it a little more interesting, sometimes my work can be too subtle for its own good and needs to pop. The rock pools might be a good place to add some beads.

I have also been trying to make postcards, have to keep up with demand! Its a great way of using some of my hand dyed fabrics, sometimes it just looks at me challengingly until I come up with a plan, so postcards it is.

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