Thursday, August 9, 2012

Three days to go

Little did I think a year ago, that I would be heading to a Quilt show in the UK, the land of my birth. I am in a funny way, really looking forward to it, I had to make a sudden trip back in February to visit my Father, who died not long after I returned home. A stressful trip as one can imagine, so I am looking forward to this as there will be a little more time to have some fun.

The first week will be focusing on Quilts and the second week will be going to London and doing some sightseeing and relaxing. I have already booked tickets for Richard III at Shakespeare's Globe on Bankside, we will be groundlings for the evening and I can't wait. I have yet to hear from Cathy as to what else she would like to do, but I hope a little shopping will feature in there somewhere!! A visit to Tate Modern which is right next door is high on my list, and maybe a visit to the Textile section at the V&A, so much to see......

I also hope to go to Brighton for the day to the Pavilion and to wander the Lanes, I think the Olde Worlde charm of these places is something to see, and then the North Laines.

Oh well, I am sure we will be making plans on our flight, but do hope I get some sleep.....

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