Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The countdown begins!

It's a funny old world, as a friend of mine says, this blog was originally going to be about City and Guilds quilting. Well, since I did that, I have become very involved with a group of volunteers in the town of Ailsa Craig who started the Ailsa Craig Community Quilt Festival. My role was initially to run the festival blog, and social media . We have a Facebook page which I try hard to keep up with I'm just not very good at it, and the blog was hijacked by others so I have decided to use this as the Festival blog as it is a much nicer one to use, I hope you will bear with me if I don't post too often but will do my best.

Cathy and I are getting ready for our trip to the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham and looking forward to it, I know there will be lots of fun and I hope to be able to share it with you, watch this space!!

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