Thursday, January 8, 2015

another birthday celebration...............

We had a fairly lazy morning as it was the Sabbath. Again, the sky was blue although it was windy today, but a perfect day for strolling along by the sea.

We walked to the main street in Bat Yam, and I peered through the window of the stores that were there and did some window shopping, and then we were on the promenade. It was very busy with families strolling and even an exercise class going on which was lovely.

The Hora was the exercise class and Shoshi and I sat on a couple of stools and watched. The Promenade was really very nice and there was plenty of seating to sit and read or watch the world go by, and it was the perfect day to do this.

I loved to watch these vendors on their bikes selling food

We had lunch in a lovely restaurant, but you already know that as I posted it earlier, Shakshuka eggs, my favourite breakfast and minted lemonade.

We strolled home, and I got myself ready as I was moving on again tonight and staying with Yemima and Chaim. But, for the afternoon, Shoshi and I came up with plans for the future and she showed me the photos of the Song of Songs exhibit which had been shown in the Netherlands in October, and I signed up to become a member of the Israeli Quilters Association. 

Tonight, we were going to a birthday party! Rachel was also having an exhibition of her work. You may remember that I met Rachel on my first night in Israel at Eti's and I had seen her a couple of times since. I gave her one of my postcards and she told me they were exquisite. When I looked at her work, my mouth dropped open as I found it to be better than anything I could ever hope to produce. 

The exhibition and party was taking place at her husband's place of work at the University of Tel Aviv. We arrived and had plenty of time to look around. Where do I start? I am showing a very small selection of Rachel's work, and I loved it, the use of colour, the different styles, curves, log cabin, you name it they had them and very lovely they were too. Another quilter I want to spend time with. At this rate I think I will be making aliyah to Israel!!

There were two areas with food and it was wonderful, thank you to whoever did the catering, it was delicious !!!

Shoshi, Neri, Ita and Judy

Rachel with two of her grandchildren

I LOVED this piece, it is an image that has stayed with me.

There were a lot of people here and there was a lovely presentation  and after a while we went out and found dessert!!!!! Then it was time to move on, so Shoshi handed me over to Yemima. (I do hope you are keeping up with all this moving around.)

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