Monday, November 4, 2013

The intrepid explorers continue.......

Having had some sleep, I awoke the next morning with a very stiff and sore leg.
One of my many grazes on my lower leg

The weather was just awful! The rain was torrential, so our host very kindly drove us to the Convention centre which saved us getting very wet.

We had meetings planned today, (no, I'm still not saying), and had decided that we would try and spend the day looking at the quilts, with a break for some shopping too. The vendor mall is so huge it takes time. We kept bumping into people we knew which was great fun! The Israeli's had an exhibit of the "Many Faces of Jerusalem", which was wonderful. We saw work hanging by quilters who were in Ailsa Craig in May, and were just awestruck by the fact that their work changes constantly. It is not easy to pin down a style by any of them.

Yemima, myself and Cathy

Yemima's quilt in the Many Faces of Jerusalem

Eti's quilt which came from a class which she took at the SDQA in Hands around the World

Ita's quilt in Hands around the World

I am going to Israel next year, so I am looking forward to seeing so many of my friends there. I think I will be there for a month, I was also making new friends so I think I am going to be busy!!

Cathy and I took another one hour workshop, but were a little disappointed by the teaching and attitude of the teacher, although we liked the kits we were given, but little help. We then met up with another new friend for discussions and are happy with the outcome of that. We left when the show closed and then had a quiet evening in, and slept like tops!

Friday saw us going in for yet another meeting, and then going into the show and doing more quilts and Cathy wen off to see a demonstration. I spent time looking at more quilts, and then a little retail therapy, but no fabric - needles and a coat(!). Again, we had a long day but enjoyed looking at the quilts and met up with Tamar which was lovely, and then all three of us went to look at quilts. While we were looking at one section, I heard this frightfully British accent coming from the Meet the Teacher's area, this was a series of  very short lectures showing quick techniques and work etc., The accent belonged to the wonderful Jennie Rayment. I grabbed Cathy's arm and dragged her across the floor and into a chair. Jennie had us in stitches with her wonderful humour and at the end of it, we nabbed her and had a quick chat. I had met Jennie in the UK in August, and she will be teaching at the ACCQF in May next year, so I wanted her to meet Cathy just to put another face to the festival. The three of us ended up giggling hysterically at the back of the hall!

Jennie holding the audience in thrall with her lecture

We told her about my "accident", and she told us how she had walked two miles to get some copying done the day before, and ended up walking back through torrential rain, and how she had draped dollar bills around her room in an effort to dry them out.

Again, we had a quiet evening in, and my bruises were really coming out at this point. Saturday was going to be our last day at the show, and I was taking a class with Jennie. Cathy was doing machine quilting with Ferret.

Quilt Festival is so busy, I miss out on all the workshops, and I think this year will be busier still, so, if you want to volunteer to help in any capacity, we would love to have you. Anyway, I was doing Jennies, Tucked and Embellished circles. OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! She is hysterical!!! We laughed a lot and she is an EXCELLENT teacher. Jennie took us through the first steps and then we stopped while she explained the next steps, none of us were left out, and she made sure we all had her attention and help.

Jennie Rayment's Tucked and Embellished circles (and squares)

If you are looking at these and thinking they must be difficult, think again!! The Mistress of nipping and tucking talks you through it and it really is very easy! If I can do it anyone can.

It was a long but very satisfying day, and then Cathy and I met at the end of class, and went back downstairs to finish looking at the quilts. I know we thought we had done it all, but this morning I saw a report on a Houston tv station, and was seeing quilts that we didn't even see!! 

We spent the evening packing as we had to be up by 4.30 to get back to the Intercontinental airport for a 7am flight. We were up bright and early and our cab arrived in plenty of time and we were checked in and ready to board. We were much further back in the plane this time, and had very little leg room, but oh well. However, one of the flight attendants started telling jokes and had us in stitches so it made up for a lot.

Now its back to the grind and getting workshops onto the web in readiness for everyone to sign up for them, if you are coming or contemplating it, you will not be disappointed!

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