Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Summer... what was that?

I can't believe that we are now almost through September and officially into Autumn, (Fall for those of you in North America).

I got home safely, and the next day, the husband and I were off to Michigan to join our friends who had rented a cabin at a resort just outside Gaylord. We had a gentle drive and arrived mid afternoon and made ourselves at home as there was none there. Eventually they came back and we had a very enjoyable couple of days.

A cabin similar to the one we were staying in. The sprinklers came on every day about 4pm, and did not stop until 8am the next morning, hitting the metal was noisy.

The main office

All too soon it was time to come home, but I did need to do the washing and unpack my suitcase!

Now here we are, almost at the end of September, and I have to buckle down and get the workshop information proof read and ready for the website for the Quilts of Great Britain. I am really looking forward to this Festival, as I do them all, there is always an excitement about the workshops, and I look forward to taking the registrations.

It hasn't left me a whole bunch of time in my studio. I have tried so hard to get some items ready for the Gallery in Port Stanley, so far I have four postcards and a small picture and not much else! There is a call for Christmas items now so really have to get something done this week and next. I am also trying to write an article for a quilting magazine. When I was in Birmingham, I was asked to do this, and I have struggled with it a bit, so I have decided to write it the way I write this, it might flow more easily.

Well, it's now October.

I should have realised that things wouldn't go the way I wanted.  Never mind, I will get there in the end. I have been spending time writing the workshop lists out and still have a way to go, the husband also needs to photograph the quilts so that we can then get our tech wizard to upload it all to the website, it's a long slow process. The rest of this week is taken up with modelling tomorrow for a good friend who has a dress shop, we are having hair and make up done, so it's a bit of a treat, and then modelling on a runway and dinner. I do this twice a year in a restaurant in Sarnia. The evening is sold out every time and we all have a lot of fun. Patti is very generous. I love going for my fittings, I generally get the more unusual items to wear which is fun.

However, this isn't helping my creative spirit.which is in sore need of feeding. She's probably sitting in the studio with arms folded getting grouchy, so I will have to try and be extra nice to her and get some work done. I have, in fact, signed up for a challenge which is quite exciting and I'm looking forward to starting it. I need two models, so I will have to draw on an artist friend and her husband and get them to pose for me. A good excuse to see them anyway, I just need to set up a time and date. Sarah has a show at the end of this month, so I hope i can talk to her then. My idea is in my head, I just need to get it started.

I also have a baby quilt to finish, it just needs quilting now so I should buckle down and get on with it.
So, why am i sitting here? Time to go and get some things finished!

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