Monday, October 22, 2012

A quieter week

Last week was very busy lots going on and we had been at the Creativ Festival in Toronto which was great
fun! We took three Israeli quilts with us, and helped Pix Martin show quilts that she designs, and others that will be in the St Jacobs show in May next year.
I was glad to get home, but it was fun being in the big city for a little while and I slept well last week.
This week I am able to spend time in my studio which I am looking forward to. I feel such energy in it and I am thoroughly enjoying it, I seem to have my creative groove back which is good.
I started an Art group which was formed with members from the local quilting guild with the idea of helping them to make Art Quilts. We had a good first year, meeting every other month which takes the pressure off and we work on 9x12 inch pieces only. That way, it is not overwhelming. This year, our numbers have swelled to 12 and include two teenagers. We had our first meeting of this year yesterday, and I was thrilled with what they were doing. I have Sandra Meech's "Connecting Design to stitch", a wonderful book and I am drawing some of the exercises from that. I think if they simplify what they are doing they will enjoy it more and I think they are beginning to understand that.

The end of this week will be busy as the Banners I made for the Catholic Church in Forest are being dedicated , I am looking forward to seeing them hung and will supervise it on Friday!

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